World of Warships Review

World of Warships is free-to-play naval warfare themed massively multiplayer online game developed and published by Wargaming, the same company that released World of Tanks. Aside from random battles against other players, in World of Warships, you can play co-op battles against AI. The game was released for Microsoft Windows on September 17th of 2015.

World of Warships Wallpaper
World of Warships Wallpaper


World of Warships is a tactical, slow-paced shooter with two main weapon styles: torpedoes and ship-mounted guns. The game is team based, it gives players the ability to work as a team and ultimately achieve victory. In addition, the warships in the game cover periods from the early 20th century, at the dawn on dreadnought battleships, up to 1950s ships.

The game has four different types of ships:

  • Destroyers
  • Cruisers
  • Battleships
  • Aircraft Carriers (allows players to directly take control of aircrafts)

Players can progress through the game by researching each ship from each tier. Each ship has a number of modules that can be accessed through XP (experience points). XP is used to unlock modules and when one ship is fully upgraded, the player can move on to the next ship.

World of Warships introduces many game elements like combat missions, challenges, campaigns and collections. These systems give opportunity of creating a storytelling inside or outside of the military or historic genres.

Battles in World of Warships take place on several maps, each very different and representing certain locations within the real world. For example, there is a PvE (Player Versus Environment) scenario battle based on the Dunkirk Evacuation. In addition, to finish the scenario, players need to work together and complete the main objective. And if they complete the secondary objective, they receive an additional star.

In addition to Ranked Battles, Clan Battles were introduced as another competitive mode that is played in a season format. In Clan Battles players can only participate as a team.

There were also some special events like Halloween and April Fools which featured additional holiday battle modes. The secondary purpose of these special events is testing new game mechanics.

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