World of Warcraft’s dominance in the MMO scene

Released all the way back in November of 2004, World of Warcraft was something new and fresh in the MMORPG genre. The time for releasing a fantasy MMO was just right. The Lord of the Rings movies had just come out, Harry Potter franchise was in full swing, and all that the world needed was a new fantasy video game. Enter, World of Warcraft.

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The Dark Portal in Vanilla World of Warcraft

Early Days

According to Blizzard Entertainment, they absolutely did not expect such a large following when they first released the game. They had a set amount of servers they would gradually release over the course of 2004 and 2005. However, Blizzard had put up more servers in the first couple of months, due to the overwhelming amount of new players. That just serves as a reminder of how fast World of Warcraft grew. In the first couple of months, it was a worldwide phenomenon. Literally, everyone was playing the game, or at the very least, gave it a shot.

The Peak

During the Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack, World of Warcraft had reached its peak subscriber numbers. Eleven million subscribers every month. Back in the day, that was a huge amount, especially for a pay-to-play game. The game was in its peak. The content was good, PVP was amazing and balanced, and we finally got to see everyone’s favorite villain, the Lich King. The hype was huge, everyone and their mothers played World of Warcraft, and the game was blossoming.

The “WoW Killers”

Every once in a while, there would be a new MMO announced, that players quickly christened as the “WoW Killer”. There was Wildstar, Black Desert Online, Age of Conan, and so on. But we quickly came to a realization: “No other MMO even came close to World of Warcraft.”. Not just in subscriber numbers, or accounts created, but also in the quality of content and gameplay that Blizzard Entertainment offered. Not even close.

The Lich King
The Lich King

The Community

Even to this day, the majority of players love the game, even tho there are still those who continue their toxic behavior towards the developers and other players. There are still players who aim to help out others with whatever they need. You have all these professionals willing to give back to the community by providing amazing in-game services.

Modern World of Warcraft (and its problems)

Right now, you could say World of Warcraft is but a shade of the game it used to be. And it’s not just due to Blizzard’s mistakes, but also because of the community. It has gotten more and more toxic over time, with players constantly bashing the game and developers. You could say World of Warcraft’s downfall began during the Cataclysm expansion when Blizzard Entertainment was bought by Activision.

But still, we love this game, and we will continue to love it for what it is, and what it was. Even tho many of us who have grown up playing World of Warcraft no longer have as much time to dedicate to keeping up with the content and our characters, we can still enjoy the game. Especially with the help of modern service providers for World of Warcraft.

Whether you’re in need of a WoW Dungeons boost or Powerleveling, there are exceptional websites out there which can help you out. My personal favorite is Battleboost. Due to my tight schedule, I don’t even remember when was the last time I logged in for more than a few hours. But with their help, my character was always up to date with the newest gear and achievements.

So if you are one of the people who still enjoy the game, but don’t have the time to play, go ahead and check them out.

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