War Thunder Review

War Thunder is a vehicular combat multiplayer game developed by the Russian game company Gaijin Entertainment for Windows, Xbox One, macOS, Linux, and PS4. It was first released on June 19th of 2018 for Xbox One.

War Thunder is based around combined arms battles on land, air and sea with vehicles from the interwar Period and the Spanish Civil War to modern day with a focus on World War II.

Players can control airplanes, ships, and tanks from a variety of different World War II nations including Germany, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Soviet Union, and Italy.

War Thunder wallpaper
War Thunder wallpaper

War Thunder Game Modes

The game is divided into 3 main game modes. Players can choose to play in a battle with joint ground forces and air forces in tank battles, or operate air vehicles only in air battles. Air forces and naval forces combination is also available for naval battles.

Arcade Battles

In Arcade Battle mode, the match is split into two teams of players (up to 16 players on each team with a total of 32 players). Physics in this game mode are very simplified. For example, in high-speed dives, planes’ wings are not ripped off, while this is true for realistic game modes. In Arcade, there are mechanics that are, while unrealistic, are meant to make the player’s experience easier.

Realistic Battles

Also known as “Historical Battles”, this game mode is for players with more experience and offers much more realistic physics than Arcade Mode. For example, in Air Battles, planes must take off from the airfield. High speeds can cause your plane to lose control, diving can rip off your aircraft’s wings and so on. In Ground Battles, players use more than one vehicle per game through Spawn Points, which are obtained by destroying enemy vehicles and capturing certain points on the map.

Custom battles

This game mode is available for air, ground, and naval vehicles. The battles are created by players in the community. The creator can select a map, game mode and other settings.


Player versus Environment was introduced in patch 1.67. This is an Arcade air or naval game mode where players fight off incoming waves of AI attackers.


Events in War Thunder provide custom missions, based on one of the three original game modes, but with a twist on settings regarding vehicles, missions, etc. One example is an event based on historical battles like Battle of Stalingrad.

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