Total War: Warhammer Game Review

Total War: Warhammer is a turn-based strategy and real-time tactics video game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega for Microsoft Windows. The game features the gameplay of Total War franchise with factions from Warhammer Fantasy series. It’s the first Total War game not to portray a historical setting.


In December of 2012, the publisher Sega announced a partnership with Games Workshop to start developing a series of multiple titles for the Warhammer franchise. The first game was set to release “beyond 2013“. Total War: Warhammer is set to be the first title in a trilogy, with expansion packs and standalone titles to be released in the future. The game was teased in a video released by The Creative Assembly to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

Total War: Warhammer Gameplay
Total War: Warhammer Gameplay


Total War: Warhammer is a turn-based strategy game with real-time tactical battles between several armies. While previous Total War games feature “accurate” historical settings, this game introduces the fantasy setting. It also features characters from Warhammer Fantasy universe.

The game starts with the ascension of Karl Franz as the Emperor of the Empire. His task is to unite his kingdom and assert his dominion before challenging the other realms surrounding him and bring peace to the Old World.

There were four playable factions at launch:

  • Empire (humans)
  • the Greenskins (orcs and goblins)
  • the Dwarves
  • The Vampire Counts (undead)

The Chaos faction was available to those who pre-ordered the game or purchased it on the first week of release. The Bretonnians, another human faction, are available since February of 2017 for the campaign, skirmish and multiplayer. Each faction is different and has access to their own unique units and campaign elements.

Several DLCs (downloadable content) have been released for Total War: Warhammer since its release. Some of them are:

  • The Chaos Warriors
  • Blood for the Blood God (added blood to the game as well as charge bonus for units)
  • Call of the Beastmen (added Beastmen faction)
  • The Grim and the Grave (added a “Regiments of Renown” mechanic)
  • The King and the Warlord (new battlefield units, quests and two new factions: Dwarf Clan Angrund and Crooked Moon Tribe of goblins.
  • Realm of the Wood Elves (added Wood Elves as a new faction)

And in May of 2016, Creative Assembly announced that mods for Steam’s Workshop would be supported.

Total War: Warhammer had pretty good reviews upon release, with an average grade of 8.7/10 (based on review websites). The game also sold half a million copies in the first few days after release.

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