Oldschool Runescape Staking Tips in the Duel Arena

Runescape Duel Arena Staking Account Rentals

Located slightly north of Al-Kharid, Duel Arena on the Oldschool Runescape is an ancient site where all players indulge in one on one fighting. Historically the ground is the training area for the forces of Menaphite demi -god hit. It is said to be constructed by unknown forces in the second age. Although it was largely abandoned by human kind, slow and gradual recovery of the area has lead complete inhabitation. It was then run by master duelists like Mubariz which lead to a huge crowd as spectators for the duels.

Players can easily reach the Duel Arena, it is located north-east of Al-Khaird. It can also be reached by rubbing a ring of duelling. which lets the players teleport right infront of the arena entrance. There are several other options as well like, Al Khaird lodestone and then walk right, an amulet of glory which teleports to Al-Khaird palace or fire altar teleport and then walk south.

The main building of the arena is located unto the northern fence of the arena. This place is the main area to challenge each others. This area also has a fully equipped hospital and surgeons which can heal a player wounded in a fight. Altar is located at the southern side of the building. Although healing and recharging prayers are of no use inside the duel arena but once a player starts a fight all its statistics are restored to normal levels. There are also two bank chests available and they will be at the north east side of the building, however owing to the graphical update you wont find the banker selling rotten tomatoes.

How to stake?

Moving forward, the main task of picking a fight is performed by a simple click. The players are supposed to right click on their intended player and click the challenge option. If the other player is interested in a fight they will simply accept and the duel will begin.

The duel will begin with a screen pop up which will have the duelling options. These options will explain the battling conditions. The screen will show the name and the combat level of the opposing player and it will also show the amount of money put up for the duel.

Putting up oldschool gold for stake has some limitations as the free to play players can only put up the mount that equals their trade cap in coins and items, however member players can bet upto any amount, and also the duel has 11 different options that can be turned off or on before the duel.

The options are as follows :

The beginning of the actual fight is done after a 3 second countdown. The players involved in the play and transported to the arena. Surrendering and ending the game is a very viable option . A player who thinks he will be defeated during the game can surrender anytime, and anything skated will be awarded to the other player.

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Once the fight is started, the players engage in a combat after 3-2-1 FIGHT! The spectators on the walls of duel arena can throw rotten tomatoes on the other player. In order to fight with 5050 odds, make sure you rent a maxed staker account.

Once the game is over, the players are transported back to the building beside the arena and all stats go back to their original position. The run energy is also fully charged. All ranged ammo that fell to the ground due to the less inventory space is returned to the players.

The main scoreboard is located outside the duel arena where the players can view the last 50 servers and see the players who gained XP. There is also an option to view the games by clicking on Lean on the Wall program and enjoy the duels.

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