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One of the oldest and most played games in the genre. Oldschool Runescape is a sandbox MMORPG that will test your skill, patience, and dedication to the fullest!

The oldschool runescape poll to be released.

Oldschool Runescape is a new-old game. It is a world that was originally known as Runescape 2 before it evolved in the Runescape 3 that we now know as simply Runescape. Runescape 3 made the game extremely new-player friendly and added features such as better graphics and keyboard ability system. The majority of the player base was against this decision so it was polled. About 500.000 people voted in favor of classic Runescape 2 servers, thus Oldschool Runescape ( OSRS for short ) was born.

What kind of a game is OSRS?

OSRS hails from the same era of World of Warcraft, however, it does not abide by the same principles. As most MMORPGs follow a storyline and character development, OSRS throws you in the world without any direction. However, that’s what makes OSRS special, you truly have the freedom to do anything you desire. On the other hand, OSRS requires you to do the content, such as quests, in order to unlock different type of content. Therefore, it’s unique in the design philosophy to other MMOs. In OSRS the content is the reward. Staying true to its roots, OSRS is an intensely grindy game.

It takes the average player 2000+ hours to achieve the max cape in OSRS!

Max level cape. Earned by achieving 99 in all skills of Oldschool Runescape

OSRS is comprised of 23 skills. These are the levels/proficiency your character has in skills such as Defence, Woodcutting, Mining, Crafting, etc. Each skill has a level cap of 99, with exponential increases in XP required to reach the next level. It takes the average player about 2000-3000 hours to achieve the max cape. (Players earn the max cape when they achieve 99 in all 23 skills). However, this process can be sped up significantly if the player has a large cash stack. Therefore, you can pre-buy all the materials and the best equipment and achieve your max cape in under 1.500 hours of played time!

If you are just starting in OSRS, there are many benefits to having some starting gold. Luckily, Oldschool Runescape has plenty of gold circulating so there is plenty of ways to buy osrs gold around on the Internet.

Is Oldschool Runescape for you?

OSRS suits to both hardcore and casual gamers. It provides an incredible amount of content to any level bracket and player of the game. You can be extremely hardcore and try out the famous Ironman mode. On the other hand, you can be a casual player that enjoys afk skilling and combat which also yields great rewards for you. However, the graphics are purposefully set in the 2007 world, so this is it’s the biggest drawback.

After all, OSRS provides a Free-to-Play section which will give you the feel for the game, if you have a couple of free hours to spend we warmly recommend this classic!

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