Leveling in World of Warcraft

Leveling in World of Warcraft has changed a lot over the years. From having to grind for weeks in order to get to max level, to hitting max level within a few days. Yes, the level cap has risen to 120 all the way from 60, but the experience has changed a lot as well.

Modern Story-Driven Leveling

Back in the days of Vanilla World of Warcraft, only a few quests were voice-acted and focused on the story. Nowadays, almost every quest has its own voice actor and they are a lot more fun than they used to be, at least in my opinion.

Zone revamping that came with the Cataclysm expansion has changed the world of Azeroth forever, and with that, the zones that we came to love dearly. However, it’s not all bad. Some of my favorite zones only came to life after Cataclysm, but some changed for the worse.

For example, I used to love the old Redridge Mountains quest chain. The one where you had to kill orcs and gnolls in order to get to the Rethban Cave and save and escort Corporal Keeshan back to Lakeshire. The new Redridge Mountains quests are just boring, in my opinion. The quests have no meaning and they’re all over the place.

WoW Leveling in Duskwood

However, the new Stonetalon Mountains I absolutely love. The story is amazing and it really feels as though you are progressing up the command chain. You first start as a private, random nobody soldier, and as you quest through the zone and discover the atrocities Garrosh has committed, with your help, you slowly rise to the rank of Commander. You really feel like the bad guy here, yet you can’t stop questing because it’s so immersive and realistic.

Leveling Alts

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